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I am very happy to have you here on my blog. I really hope that you liked it too. Your encouragement and support is what keeps me motivated to post more tutorials about Salesforce and make utility apps that can be used by everyone like:- HTTPCalloutFramework, SFDX Deploy Tool, Platform Event Toast LWCsObject Convertor etc. I usually see people commenting on blogs and videos to post about one or the another topic in future. So, I decided to gather all your suggestions at one place. Below is the google form that will take hardly 2 minutes of your time as I have started this blog and youtube channel for you all and I really want to post quality content that most of you are keen to learn about. So let's fill that form right now and give your opinion in building a better community. Any other suggestions regarding anything related to SFDC Stop are also welcomed.

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Rahul Malhotra

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