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Salesforce LWC Tutorial Series | ToDo App Project | Project Based Learning | SFDC Stop

Hello Trailblazers,

Please find the below list of all the tutorials in Salesforce Lightning Web Components Tutorial Series with ToDo App Project by SFDC Stop :-


  1. Getting Started with LWC | Setup local server for Lightning web components | First LWC Component
  2. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 1 | ToDo App Project | Designing the markup in SLDS
  3. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 2 | ToDo App Project | Data Binding and Adding elements to ToDo List
  4. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 3 | ToDo App Project | Removing elements from ToDo List
  5. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 4 | ToDo App Project | Understanding Wire Service Immutability
  6. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 5 | ToDo App Project | Wire Service linked to Function and RefreshApex
  7. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 6 | ToDo App Project | Call Apex Imperatively from LWC
  8. Salesforce LWC Tutorial Part 7 | Wrapping up ToDo App Project | Add Spinner | Deploy to Salesforce

YouTube Videos:

Full Playlist:-

All  the code used in the tutorial series can be found at the GitHub Repository here:- https://github.com/rahulmalhotra/lwc-sfdcstop

Happy Trailblazing..!!

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