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Saturday 29 December 2018

Live Session on SLDS

Hello Trailblazer,

As suggested by some of the readers and viewers of SFDC Stop Blog and YouTube channel. I have scheduled a live session on SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System). This session will be online tomorrow at 4 P.M. IST on SFDC Stop YouTube Channel

You can join the session directly by clicking on the link given below and also set a reminder right now for the same:-


In this session, I'll walk you through the basics of SLDS and the most commonly used components in SLDS that we need to use while working with Salesforce Lightning like:- slds grid, slds table etc. In the last 15 minutes, there will be a question and answer session during which I'll answer your queries regarding SLDS. 

During and after the session, the video will also be available below:-

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Trailblazing...!!


  1. Hi Rahul SIr,

    I am half way through the video and am understanding till now.
    I wanted to know how we can use slds in visualforce, I mean like in Lightning we use force:extension slds, is there anything as such in vf?
    And one more thing sir, will it be possible to share the code for this SLDS...
    Thanks again for live demo of grids.


    1. Hi Siddhartha,

      Yes, you can use tag in VF page to include slds. However, while using this, you need to add a div with slds-scope class in which you can use slds like:- <div class="slds-scope">All code inside this div can use slds</div>

      This was actually a random session. I was looking at the comments and then decided to take one tomorrow with zero preparation. So, I'll check if I still have the code in org and share it with you :-) however, I'll suggest you to code as you watch..!!