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Thursday 22 July 2021

Custom Labels XML to CSV Convertor and Vice Versa

Hey Everyone,

I have worked on a couple of projects by now dealing with custom labels and it was difficult to update each and every custom label one by one manually as specified by the business analysts or clients from time to time. To solve this problem, I have created a small tool known as: customlabels2csv

CSV file converted from CustomLabels.labels-meta.xml file

Custom Labels XML file created using the above CSV

customlabels2csv tool helps you to convert your custom labels xml file to a csv file, so that you can easily update the error/warning/success messages, you're using in salesforce. You can also convert your csv file back to xml and push/deploy it to your salesforce org to update all the custom labels in one go.

So now, you can create a csv, share it with the BAs or clients, they can update it and send it back to you and then you can deploy it in your salesforce org by converting it back to XML.

Have a look at the readme of GitHub repository to understand how it works in detail: https://github.com/rahulmalhotra/customlabels2csv

Hope it'll be useful for you all.

Happy Trailblazing..!!

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